Humboldt Petroleum Multiple Product Dispenser Program

When your customers pull into your business, often the first experience they will have with you is at the pump.  This is your best opportunity to make a great impression by providing them with stellar service.  If you haven’t evaluated your current machines recently, now is a perfect time to talk with our professionals at Humboldt Petroleum to determine if upgrading your fuel dispensers is the right decision for growing your business.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current fuel dispensers:

  1. How do my fuel dispensers look?  Clean, shiny, modern machines give your customers a feeling that your business is professional and your products are high quality.  This may be a great time to upgrade your branding so customers recognize and return to your business time and time again.


  1. Do my machines tell my customers about my business?  Today’s fuel dispensers don’t just pump gas into a vehicle.  They are capable of providing messaging to your customers about other products and services you sell.


  1. Is my customers’ information safe?  Modern machines contain the latest in card security hardware and software so your customers can rest assured their information will be safe when they purchase fuel with you.


  1. Am I getting good information about the fuel being dispensed?  New models have the ability to track sales and monitor fuel levels so you can make smart decisions about your business.


  1. What condition are my pumps in?  From snow and ice to heat and humidity, the weather can wreak havoc on fuel dispensers.  The companies we partner with have proven track records for durable machines and quality servicing.


Upgrading or replacing your multiple product dispensers can seem to be a daunting task.  Our experts at Humboldt Petroleum are here to help you every step of the way.  After reviewing your current setup, analyzing usage, and assessing your marketplace we’ll work with you to evaluate several options that may be perfect solutions for your unique business.