Humboldt Petroleum ISTOBAL Car Wash Program

Maintaining a healthy profit margin can be challenging, but adding a car wash to your existing business is a great way to help increase your revenues.  A car wash not only provides customers with the important benefit of saving time, but a good car wash program is easy and low cost to maintain.  In fact, you are likely to gain new customers as they see your business able to fulfill two of their chores--filling up and getting a car wash--at the same time.  Humboldt Petroleum is proud to partner with ISTOBAL, a global leader in the car wash and car care industry.

ISTOBAL is widely recognized for its innovative approach to car wash and car care systems.  You will be proud to provide the most modern systems to your customers.  Their car washes use both brush (polyethylene) and brushless (foam) systems.  Your customers can choose a customized cleaning for their vehicles based on their own preferences from friction to touch free or a combination of both.  This is sure to make even your most critical car fanatic happy!

ISTOBAL not only produces top-of-the line car wash units and cleaners, they are dedicated to protecting our environment.  As a result of their environmental policy that focuses on efficiency and reduction of waste materials, ISTOBAL has earned an ISO 14001 certificate.

Humboldt Petroleum is proud to partner with ISTOBAL because of the many benefits their solutions bring to you and your customers:

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Cleaning solutions are condensed, so packaging waste is minimized.  Smaller packaging also makes transportation more efficient and helps keep CO2 emissions down.  Their chemical products are biodegradable to keep our environment safe.

Brush components are constructed of a series of interchangeable and disposable parts.  Doing so helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

ISTOBAL car wash systems are found in over 75 countries worldwide and they are the trusted choice of several high-end car manufacturers.  Ferrari and Lamborghini factories choose ISTOBAL’s soft foam brushes to keep their cars pristine.

Adding a car wash to your business may seem extremely challenging.  That’s where we come in.  Our experts are here to help you evaluate the many options available to you and help you decide on what’s best for your business.  We’ll walk you through every step of the process from design to construction and finally the grand opening!